To cook or not cook?


To cook or not cook? that is the question
When it comes to cooking, my mother and I have argued severally about this matter to the point where she gives up and decided that’s my fate, ‘if you like cook, if you like don’t cook, no man will marry you’ I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this.

Personally, I don’t like cooking, but does that mean I won’t cook or I won’t know how to cook? Is it not okay to allow those who love to cook, do the cooking?
Honestly, it would have been better if Nigerian mothers tells us how cooking is essential for ourselves first and that we need to care for ourselves first instead of throwing that ‘so, you won’t cook for your husband?  No man will marry you oh’ line.
It upset me that mothers have instilled into their daughters mind that If they don’t cook they will be bad wives and probably won’t get married or that it doesn’t make them ‘woman’ enough. Meanwhile cooking is an art everyone should learn including men.
Its really angst me that in our society we are taught to care for others first before ourselves, forgetting that when we care for ourselves first others will naturally benefit from it.
The truth is we cannot give what we don’t have or expect others to give to us what they cannot give to themselves. It’s perfectly okay to not love cooking and it’s okay to love cooking. Don’t just throw jab at those who don’t love cooking just because you do. 

What are your thoughts on this?
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