20 Nuggets Beyonce Thought Me


Don’t be so surprised I totally love Beyonce!  I’m in my early twenties and queen bey seem to have grown with me. She constantly inspire me and makes me feel like I can conquer the world. She has also pushed me to constantly ask myself if I’m living to my potential.

Let me share with you 20 things she has thought me;

1. Stay true to your calling.
2. Take your roots with you wherever you go.
3. Work hard in silence.
4. Be confident.
5. Surprise your haters.
6. You can achieve whatever you are   determined to work for.
7.  Be mysterious.
8.  Think before you talk.
9. Never let criticism bring you down instead rise above it.
10. Make money from people’s stupidity /ignorance.
11. Never reveal your intentions.
12. Silence is a weapon.
13. Be classic.
14. Don’t be your prisoner.
15. Love and own your body.
16. Smile.
17. Be independent.
18. Never ever forget your manners.
19. You always have a choice.
20. Always stay gracious. 


Are you a beyhives?
What have you Learnt from her?


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