Spotlight with Stella Damasus


Welcome to my first spotlight series! I’m introducing to you the most nicest, humble and multi talented person I’ve ever seen. I totally love and adore Stella Damasus , she’s so full of passion and her love for humanity can never be underestimated. …..

I emailed her saying that I would love to Interview her for my blog series and she responded without hesitating. I’m truly grateful for this.

tell me a little about yourself and what you do? 

My name is STELLA DAMASUS, AN ACTOR, SINGER, TEACHER, SPEAKER, HOST AND PRODUCER. I come from Asaba Delta state and I have been in the Nigerian movie industry since 1995. A theatre arts graduate from the university of Lagos, founder of STELLA DAMASUS ARTS FOUNDATION and ADIVA INITIATIVE. CHAIRMAN/CEO OF SDA PRODUCTIONS. CO FOUNDER OF INDEX TWO STUDIOS and MON AFRIK TV. RECORDING ARTIST with a newly released album called the ALTERNATIVE. Host of two radio shows on I2RADIO.NET and so many other things. My journey has taken me to the United States of America where I live with my family.


Can you talk about one defining moment when you realised you have passion for music? (congratulations on your alternative album! Your vocal and rapping skills are amazing) 

I realized that I had a very strong passion for music when I was five years old and I performed for my grandfather during. Christmas celebration. After my performance he called me aside and told me he clearly saw that I would be a star and added that I  should never stop singing. He made it clear that I was different and should never conform to the norm. From the moment on, I noticed that wherever I went to sing, some people were blessed. I joined a band flyer a few years ago and that’s how my journey in music began.

What is your inspiration behind girl child education and women  empowerment? 

As an educated AFRICAN woman, I know and understand what it means not to have an opportunity to do the things you want to do, or even express yourself. I find that education exposes your mind and helps you achieve your conceived goal no matter how challenging they may seem. Education gives you a voice and teaches you how to use it and when to use it because you know you have a right to use it. The strongest support and empowerment that anyone can give a woman is EDUCATION.  Society tramples on a woman’s body, dignity, pride and rights because most women don’t even know they have a right  to say no to the injustice being meted out to them. When you take education out of the lives of women, the society crumbles faster without realizing it. Educating women and young girls should be our first priority because it’s their right and they should not be deprived of it.

How would you describe the stage you’re at now in your life ?  Are you content with where you are now? 

I am a more mature and wiser version of my old self. This phase of my life has brought me to a point where I can confidently say I know who I am and what I am called to do. My life journey has taught me to control my emotions, handle people differently, chase my dreams the way I want to and not the way society expects me to, embrace my individuality and uniqueness and give hope to those who need it. I love this stage of my life because now I get to choose how I spend my time, who I spend it with and when I spend it. I am very satisfied and happy where I am right now. This doesn’t mean I have achieved my goals yet, but it keeps me in a better and more positive place to handle life better. This point in my life has also brought me closer to God more than ever before and I find myself talking about him everywhere I go.

What does success mean to you? 

Success means finding your purpose and walking in it. This does not refer only to spiritual work or gifts. It’s your life in general, knowing who you are and what you were created to do and living in that knowledge. Walking and working in that knowledge especially to make sure it is a SERVICE to humanity. If your purpose is not tied to humanity and just yourself then you are not a successful person contrary to popular belief. Success is not measured by how much money or fame you have acquired.

It’s not what people say you are, it’s who God says you are

Stella Damasus

How do you handle challenges either in your career or daily life? 

When I am faced with challenges, I pray about it first and ask God to take control of it. Then I first ask myself a series of questions just to know if it has a solution and why I am faced with them in the first place (because God gave us the intelligence to rule the earth and solve problems). I don’t dwell on the negative side of it anymore I just look for a solution or find someone who has that solution. Since I know that challenges are inevitable I try to make room for it when it comes. The most important thing to know is how to handle your emotions and reactions when they come. Dealing with challenges requires a calm spirit and rational thinking and this is something a lot of us need to learn to be successful and happy.


How do you deal with criticism and negativity? 

I know that criticism and negativity is not only a part of the world today but a also one of the hazards of the job, I expect it to come from time to time. I have learnt that people who try to hurt you for no reason are most likely in emotional pain as well and hurting someone else gives them temporary relief. So instead of allowing them to drag me into their emotionally unstable train, I decide to rise above them and feel sorry for them. You cannot control what people do or say but you can control how you feel and react to it. I don’t dwell on negativity because I have learnt to control my emotions. I find that learning to be emotionally intelligent has given me power  over the people who consider themselves my enemies. I pray for those people a lot because what they are doing is a clear indication that they have extremely small and low emotional intelligence. Why would I allow such people determine how I will feel or live my life?

What won’t you do in the name of fashion? 

I will never wear bum shorts in public or extremely provocative dresses.

Any specific message for your fans here in Nigeria and around the globe? 

Love God, love yourself and love your neighbor as yourself. 

Your empowering quotes. 

You are responsible for the life you live and its outcome. Live your life wisely.

Thank you ma’am for this interview.

Did you learn something from this?
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