Discipline; a necessity to make motivation work


I decided to write about this discipline thing because I have come across alot Of articles talking about discipline but are describing motivation. Plus in the past, I’ve struggled with certain habit coupled with trying to put myself into doing what needed to be done even when I’m not motivated. I have been told that I need the discipline to get things done the thing is…

I thought discipline was hard to achieve, I also thought that discipline was only reserved for certain kind of people or perhaps only creative people’s trait. Little did I know that discipline is just another word for habit and routine. I remember my mum telling me ‘screw motivation! You need to do what is needed to be done for survival.  Don’t allow depending on motivation become a purposeful killer of proactive habit and resources’
So let us find out what really makes discipline different from motivation.

According to dictionary, motivation is the state of having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. In other words, motivation is simply the desire to want to do something.
While discipline on the other hand is a method of training your mind or body or of controlling your behavior, it can also be said to be the ability to control your behaviour or the way you live, work etc

Motivation is not a bad thing after all we have to all have clarity of why we want to do what we choose to do. But the problem with motivation is that it’s fleeting just as feelings or emotions are, we can feel one thing today or now and another the next minutes.
Discipline comes in the state that after we have establish reason why we want to do (action)  we then create habit that are synonyms to what we want to achieve whether we feel a spark or not.
Personally I’d like to describe discipline as habit, so keep in mind that when I say discipline I mean habit and vice versa.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

What is habit?  Habit is a thing that you do often and almost without thinking, especially something that is hard to stop doing. Therefore habits are what we consistently do until it’s registered in our subconscious where we no longer have to tell our body to do, we just automatically act.
Discipline in short is what keep us going without the enthusiasm as we already know the reason or as we already have clarity for doing (action). You just need to create habits that resonate with your reason.

The whole point of what I’m trying to convey is that discipline and motivation goes hand in hand, only that motivation is the desire to do while discipline is actually doing what you desire proactively.
That means that if you want to be a person of substances and discipline you have to create a purposeful habit and all that is from within. When you have source that from within then you will have an independent will to do something even when you don’t what to do it.

Disclaimer: I was going to explain more on habits and how they are formed but that will for another post, so watch out for it.


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