Are your habits destroying your life?


Like I said in my previous post habits are simply things we do consistently, it becomes an habit in that it is integrated subconsciously and we don’t really have to think or reflect to do them, we just act. You form habit based on your thought process. In other word we form habit based on our value.
Yes we all want to achieve success, we all want happiness, we all want love, we all want the best of everything yet we all don’t arrive at the same point.  Why is it so?

We all don’t think the same way and we all don’t have the same habit.
It is very important when I talk about thought (you form habit based on your thought process)
Because your thinking faculty is the guide to which all other things that embodies you is created. The quality of your thought is the guide to the quality of your life. Therefore you can tell the quality of your thought by the way you live your life. That’s why even if you don’t think about the habit that you inhibit, it is shown also by the way you behave because you just act anyhow and irresponsible with no regard to your life and action.
It is also crucial to know that you are the master creator of your life, you are the God of your life. It is unfortunate that we live in a society where people Do not think perhaps just 20 percent of people. The society want the government to think for them, they want the church to think for them, they create so many institutions who should think for them and tell them how to live their lives. Yet they weep severally that they are not getting what they desire. It is also unfortunate that there are people who are really aware of this and are exploiting the society for their own gain, well since the society refuse to think for themselves and take action.

You need to be proactive about your life. Yes I’m aware that I’m talking about habit and I mean you need to be proactive about your habits. Ask yourself what you really want, be honest to yourself, write it down  and start creating habit that will grant you your desires. Successful and highly effective people are very self reflective and thereby proactive about their habit. Do not be afraid to think and take action. Remember always that it’s your habit (actions) that let others know what your true values are, not just what you say, also your personal values and standards will determine how others think and talk about you.

In all honesty habit cannot be avoided, you work with this routine everyday and all the time but if you really want your habit to produce the desired results that you sort after then you really need to know and understand what you want or desire.
Some things you want to achieve will not necessarily be fully attained by that 21 day myth but it could be a starting point. Everyone is different and thus respond to changes differently.
I don’t and I can’t have all the answers but will recommend really good books that explain explicitly and give practical solution to adopt and adapt to habits.

Book recommendations;
1. The seven habits of highly effective people by Stephen R. Covey



2. Change your Brian, change your life by Daniel G. Amen


3. The power of habit by Charles Duhigg


4.The power of focus


5. The power of self discipline by Brain Tracy


Finally what are your thoughts on habit?
Is there any other books you will love me to know about, please let me know so that we can grow together.
See you in the comment section!
And don’t forget ‘you can be anything you want to be’


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