What I learnt going for power women in business2 

Power women in business (PWIB2) was an event hosted by Chelsea Monye the founder of Esquire Network Africa www.esquirenetworkafrica.com 

In all honesty, I was reluctant to go for the event because I dread going for social event coupled with the fact that I’m shy and to make matters worst, I knew no one organising the event or anyone going for the event. So you can imagine how scared I was in fact I was giving myself all the reason not to go but after seeing the turn out and success of the first event, I knew this is something I shouldn’t miss plus cassie Daves www.cassiedaves.com has shown us severally on her blog that we can go for event and network even tho we are introvert and shy so I decided to give it a try. 

I can gladly tell you all that I have no regret going and if time come again for me to go, I will turn up without hesitating.  Almost everyone was down to earth and friendly, I felt at home.  At some point we all had to introduce ourselves and that was my first time ever holding or speaking with a microphone (the shy me wanted to explode and run away LOL )  but after trying that out, it wasn’t bad at all. I’m female but seeing all the beautiful ladies made me wonder if I was truly a lady, they were looking so good, I felt myself melting and happily I melt chelsea in person, she’s such a pretty goddess, warm, sweet and friendly.   

I fortunately happen to follow chelsea nation on her social media outlets and there’s no way I could look past it, like I can’t see all the amazing things she’s doing especially in Nigeria where there few (maybe alot) youths doing great things and it is only appropriate that we show them our support, recognition and appreciation. Right now  chelsea is a big spot on! So if you are not already following her, please do, so that you can blossom in her awesomeness (check out her social media outlet at the end of the post). 

So what did I learn going for power women in business, I will put out Keypoint I learnt as discuss by the panelists( wanger ayu, adanna orji and kubioma adoga)  note that this Keypoint are what stood out for me not necessarily all they talked about. 

  • PLAN 
  • TEAM
  1. Passion : I notice that passion was one thing the panelist all had in common. Passion  is a strong feeling for either somebody or something. Passion makes  you do more than just enough, it keeps you going regardless of the hardship and taunt from others. It makes you see what others can’t see.  Passion makes you relentless and consistent. When you are passionate about something, you become a curious person because you want to know and understand every details of everything and curiosity makes you stay on top of your game. With that been said been passionate about what you do will make you successful at what you do. 
  2. Relation : it was made clear to me that it is important to learn and know how to relate with others because whatever you do will involve other person aside from yourself except if you think you will make and buy your product,and by all means this relation also involve knowing how to draw boundaries to anything that is tantamount to you as a person or your business/services. 
  3. Plan : plan is simply a detailed portfolio of what you intend to do. Therefore inorder to carry out a set of action, you need to plan on how to make it happen. Moreso, if you are not good at planning you can meet an expert consultant in your field who can work with you and help you draw out your plan which is not limited to capitals needed to achieve your goals.
  4. Discipline : If you have read my previous post https://adaemma.com/2016/06/09/discipline-a-necessity-to-make-motivation-work  I have written a bit about discipline which to me is just  another word for habit. Yes good discipline is important in enabling you be proactive with what you plan to do to achieve certain goals or just generally helping you to be proactive in getting things done and not just doing things impulsively. 
  5. Team :like I said previously, you Will need to relate with people and that also involve the people that you will work with. Team is simply a group of people who work together. It might take time to have your right set of team player and that’s fine but don’t however for any reason put up with any team player or person who does not March up to your vision and brand. This goes to show that your right set of team is very fundamental in facilitating the growth and development of your business. 
  6. Reputation : you have to understand what sort of reputation you want to have and whether you like it or not your reputations matters alot. When you know the values you want to be known for make sure you maintain it so that others can trust you and your brand.  Wanger ayu let us know that ‘not every opportunity is for you’ 


Were you ever part of this event?  How did it go? 

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